The final Social Media Lab event for this semester. Fantastic way to cap off a very productive and provocative semester.

People aren’t looking for your company’s website. They’re surfing Facebook, searching YouTube and chatting on Twitter. They’re choosing their Friday night restaurant based on what their friends “like” on Facebook or recommend on Yelp. The truth is that people may need you, but they’re not looking for you.

Today’s social media platforms provide your business with the tools to become noticed, relevant and desired by your precisely targeted consumers. Learn how to promote and reinforce distinctive brand qualities through the smart use of social media.  This session shows you step-by-step how to get started using social media to promote your brand, the essential elements of online brand design, how to select the most appropriate social media platforms, how to construct and distribute compelling content, how to manage your brand across social media platforms, and how to engage fans to maximize your reach.

Instructor: John Heaney

Twitter: @JohnHeaney