Business Blogging 101

How to create a business blog that fuels your business’ growth, generates leads, promotes your company vision and leads ultimately to industry domination. With a thoughtful approach and detailed strategy, your business blog can:

• drive sales – directly promoting your products and services

• strengthen customer loyalty – build relationships with clients that last years

• perform R&D – garner feedback and suggestions from those on the front line

• inform and educate – distribute detailed info how to use your products and services to succeed

• develop communities – connect your fans and prospects

Topics addressed will include:

• How to get started

• Design resources

• Best practices

• Content generation

• Promotion

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Instructor: John Heaney

Twitter: @JohnHeaney


Turbocharging Your Brand

The final Social Media Lab event for this semester. Fantastic way to cap off a very productive and provocative semester.

People aren’t looking for your company’s website. They’re surfing Facebook, searching YouTube and chatting on Twitter. They’re choosing their Friday night restaurant based on what their friends “like” on Facebook or recommend on Yelp. The truth is that people may need you, but they’re not looking for you.

Today’s social media platforms provide your business with the tools to become noticed, relevant and desired by your precisely targeted consumers. Learn how to promote and reinforce distinctive brand qualities through the smart use of social media.  This session shows you step-by-step how to get started using social media to promote your brand, the essential elements of online brand design, how to select the most appropriate social media platforms, how to construct and distribute compelling content, how to manage your brand across social media platforms, and how to engage fans to maximize your reach.

Instructor: John Heaney

Twitter: @JohnHeaney


Doing Business on Facebook

Instructor: John Heaney

Twitter: @johnheaney

Facebook has become one of the world’s most popular online destinations providing a forum for both consumers and businesses to engage with each other online. We’ll explore the opportunities that Facebook presents to every business as the ultimate engagement tool. Do you already have business presence on Facebook? Do have plans to embrace Facebook as a part of your social media engagement strategy? This seminar is a must attend for any business already using or considering using Facebook.

Topic Highlights:

• The platform Facebook provides to engage with customer in a more meaningful way
• Advertising tools Facebook has available for businesses
• The move from one way communications to two way communication
• The benefits in providing a real connection and an ongoing relationship with the customer
• Leveraging the influence of friends to extend the brand
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Killer Content

How does a company make the leap from a repetitive broadcaster of a sales pitch to become an innovative publisher on the Web? How do you know what to say? How can you create stories and videos and blog posts that people will love? How can you cultivate fans and spark devotion? How can your ideas ignite your business? How do you know if it’s working? Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other online platforms are giving organizations or every size an enormous opportunity to engage directly with your customers. That’s a lucky thing: because instead of creating awareness about your company or your brand solely the old-school way (through annoying people with advertising, or bugging them with direct mail, or interrupting them with whatever), you now have an unprecedented and enormous opportunity to leverage social media platforms to engage with and develop an audience of raving fans.

Topics include:

• What is content and how can my company leverage it?
• What companies that are deploying content properly with measurable results?
• How can I get my organization/company to start thinking more smartly about using content?
• What does it take to develop compelling content?
• How is the world of content changing?
Instructor: John Heaney
Twitter: @johnheaney
Date: February 22nd, 2010

Social Media Entrepreneurship

Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio area is blessed with a number of cool, hip and very intelligent social media entrepreneurs. This Social Media Studio class will delve into some tools to help you become a social media entrepreneur. Then you will be privy to three of the top social media stars in the City discussing the opportunities and the pitfalls of social media. This is a must attend event. Join us and get to meet:

John Knific –

Twitter: @johnknific and @citizengroove

Andria Trivisonno –

Twitter: @andriatriv and @twizaic

Andrew Holland –

Twitter: @andrew_holland

Social Media Lab – “Social Media Startups”

Instructor: Michael C. DeAloia

Twitter: @Techczar

Description: Today is the best time ever to be an entrepreneur. Most of the tools you will need to start a successful startup are online. This will be a special event that will include a one-hour crash course in tools and tricks of the trade to get a company off the ground quickly. The second hour of the course will be an introduction to a number of local entrepreneurs who are making it happen locally with social media companies. This is a can’t miss class for those who want to create their own social media destiny.


Twitter Tools

Instructor: Michael C. DeAloia

Twitter: @Techczar

Description: Twitter is becoming the de facto communication and knowledge share platform for millions of users on a daily basis. How best to manage your Twitter account? How do you target your followers? What systems and tools are best to manage your Twitter experience? What mobile application to use? These and other issues will be offered in the Social Media Studio’s “Twitter Tools” class. This exciting new class is scheduled for January 25th from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

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Social Media 101

Description: One of the most difficult things about Social Media is just getting started. In this class, the Social Media Studio will help you identify the best social media program and platforms for you. This class will detail the most popular social media sites in use, their functionality and best applications. This is a perfect class for the individual hoping to join the social media realm or for a small or emerging growth company which is looking for the proper strategy to get started.

Instructor: Michael DeAloia

Twitter: @Techczar

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